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The company ELITE BOHEMIA was established in 1996 as one of the first companies engaged in the production of crystal pendant chandeliers in the Czech Republic. The people who have devoted their lives to glass and have a wealth of experience of the production of crystal chandeliers were present at the company’s establishment and still manage it to this day.

For more than two decades now we have been bringing our customers a sparkling glow to their interiors through our magnificent crystal chandeliers whose production involves a combination of traditional glass-making with the latest technological procedures. This allows us to respond flexibly to the needs of customers and create authentic light projects directly tailored to a specific space.

Among the company’s main merits is its emphasis on the tradition of maximum openness to all creative designs. Thanks to the company’s open approach the customer becomes the co-author of his own project. All in keeping with the standard of the high professionalism of the design, workmanship and installation. 

Besides tailored light projects, we currently offer an extensive range of affordable interior chandeliers. During production we use lead crystal which provides the individual components with extraordinary lustre and depth. In our collections you can also find sparkling pendants produced by Swarovski.

We make lights that will brighten up your homes and create original projects for imposing indoor spaces. ELITE BOHEMIA’s unique crystal chandeliers are an ornament to private residences, concert halls and other imposing spaces worldwide.

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